BEATRICE WORKS 2013 – 2014

Publication: 2013
Touring exhibition 2013 – 2014:
Caithness Horizons, Thurso
Aberdeen Maritime Museum
Kirkcaldy Art Gallery & Museums
Tankerness Museum, Orkney Isles

In 2006 Talisman Energy UK invited me to follow the Beatrice Wind Farm Demonstrator Project, a world’s first for deep water offshore wind technology. With the company’s support, I was given access to the people and places at the cutting edge of the renewables industry; drawing in modern European factories and being part of a big impact renewables project offshore.

 “It was a special moment looking up at the lift from our small boat as Dusty manoeuvred Imagen in close. It was 85 metres to the top of the turbine. The scale and the dramatic imagery were almost too much to take in. My camera and my visual memory were my tools for capturing those moments. I could see men being lifted in baskets onto the turbine by the track crane from Rambis’ deck and we waved to men whom we recognised.”

Diary extract: Beatrice Works publication, From Nigg to the Moray Firth, April 2007

Large Working Drawings



Artist’s original etchings, hand printed at No19 Cataibh studio. These prints are for sale, editions of 20.




“My visit to Nigg brought back memories from my childhood and drawing here as a young artist… Flocks of seagulls had taken over the empty workshops, screeching, squawking and roosting all over the tops of the high structures. In the distance I could see signs of impending activity on site: three huge stationary cranes and a gleaming white wind turbine tower on its side. Close by, a crane barge was docked in the water.”

­Diary extract: Beatrice Works Publication, Nigg Yard, Easter Ross, July 2006



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